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From the Murray Ledger and Times, Posted: Friday, December 4, 2015 7:00 am

Susan Davis is always thinking about fundraising ideas for the Murray Calloway Endowment for Healthcare and its various interests.

At the top of that list is the Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House that will be opening soon. After all, it is going to require an estimated $600,000 per month to keep it going, so finding ways to fund it will be quite important.
So Davis got to thinking about the subject a few days ago and came across an idea. Give the main fundraising event for the Owen House - the annual Murray Half Marathon - a chance to literally grow wings in April 2016.

“It started with looking at the story of a hospice house in Florida. There was a butterfly house behind the facility and there was a woman who was a patient and her two daughters were really having a hard time with the fact that she was dying". Well, the mother told the children that (after she died) she would come back as a yellow butterfly. Well, the mother died, and soon after, the facility had a butterfly release that they have every year and the daughters were there. Well, they released the butterflies and one of them, a yellow one, came back around and landed on one of the daughters’ shoulders. So, with the idea of the hospice house in mind, I started thinking, ‘What if we sold the runners wings?’” said Davis, the Endowment’s coordinator, whose plan is going into action today on multiple fronts.
Starting at 7 a.m., Murray-Calloway County Hospital is hosting a holiday bazaar that will include the chance to purchase large butterfly cape-type wings for $10 apiece. Also today, Re/Max Realty will begin selling wings at its office located on North 12th Street adjacent to the Station Burger Co.

Davis said her trial runs with wings have been rousing successes. The first came on Thanksgiving Day, when she participated in an annual 10-mile run with a group of running friends and introduced them to the idea, having actually purchased the materials a few days earlier, so her friends could try running while wearing them.  “They loved it, and something else started happening as we were running. As I was watching the other runners, something very peaceful just came over me. It was very empowering, and I wasn’t expecting that,” she said, observing that the butterfly is a universal symbol of one’s life cycle, from caterpillar to cocoon to taking flight again in another form.

“Well, we finished our run and walk into Dunkin Donuts, still wearing our wings. And we did have people looking at us a bit strange, but I will never forget what a girl behind the counter said, ‘I want some wings.’ That’s when I realized that there is something about this.  “And I got to thinking, what an incredible sight it would be for all of the runners in the half marathon that day to be wearing wings like this!’”

Pat Cherry, a realtor at Re/Max, has a personal stake in the matter. When her father, former City of Murray Mayor Bill Cherry, was living his last days, hospice personnel were present to make the experience easier.  “They were the only reason I survived, really. I’ve just developed a real love for those people,” Pat said Thursday. “I think Susan has developed something that can really work; it’s adding fun! And if we can make something fun, that just adds so much to it.”

Cherry learned about Davis’ idea while attending the Endowment’s annual Donor Wall unveiling ceremony Tuesday morning.  “She started telling me about the wings, and I was like, ‘Wings?! That is the coolest thing!’” Pat recalled. “It makes sense. It’s a symbol that shows you’re standing up for the hospice house. However, you also see other possibilities to this.  “I mean this can really take off. We can have challenges, where other businesses could have their people wear their wings at work or something. It could be like the Ice Bucket Challenge (which raised millions of dollars more than a year ago for the fight against ALS).

Local News Story - MHM Will Have Wings!  

From the Murray Ledger and Times
Posted: Friday, December 4, 2015 7:00 am

Murray's ReMax Realty business made a donation of $100 Friday to the Murray Calloway Endoment for Healthcare for its new Wings campaign for the annual Murray Half Marathon to benefit the Endowment with special emphasis on the new Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House.  The wings, shown on the subject for this image, are being sold at ReMax for $10 a piece  with hopes being that both runners and spectators will be wearing the wings as a symbol of support.  The butterfly is seen as a symbol for the hospice program.

Shown are, from left, Tracy Williams, realto, Pat Cherry, realto, Susan Davis, Coordinator of the Endowment, Angelia Fry, realtor, Michele Francisco, realto and Maggie Morris, realtor.  Contact Davis at 270.762.1800 or ReMax at 270.761.8888 for information on how to purchase these wings.

Join the RE/MAX Butterfly Challenge; this is how it works:
1. Accept challenge
2. Once accepted, you have 48 hours to purchase wings.  Purchase a set of wings for you and a friend.  Wings are only $10 each and 100% of all proceeds from the sale of wings will benefit the Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House.  
3. Take a picture/video stating who challenged you, also state who you are challenging next.
5. Challenge at least 3 people OR a group.
4. Like RE/MAX Real Estate Associates on their Murray Facebook page and share your picture onto the pages wall and you may also share the picture on your personal page. Help us spread the word about wearing wings throughout the region.

We Have Wings!

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The custom designed finishers’ medal will feature a 3-D image of the First Christian Church rendering. This medal will be the third of our collector’s series that will be awarded to all runners or walkers who finish any of the three events.

What's New for the Murray Half Marathon?

Local News Story - Remax Joins the MHM "Wings" Campaign

On April 16th, 2016, join us for the 6th annual Murray Half Marathon, Relay & 5K Event.  Wings will be free to all participants and can be picked up at the runner’s expo on April 15th.  Runners and walkers will be asked to wear their wings to celebrate their training or to remember or honor someone close to them.  All proceeds from the sale of wings will benefit the Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House. 

Also, consider purchasing a pair of wings in advance for training or to simply show your support for Hospice.  The cost is just $10.00 and you can make your purchase through the MC Endowment office, the MCCH Cashier next to the hospital operator or from RE/MAX in Murray.  Wear the wings to celebrate your own accomplishments or wear them in honor or memory of a loved-one gone too soon.  All money raised from the sale of your wings will be donated to the Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House.